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Corporate Dashboard

The Need

The CEO of a $2 billion medical insurer complained that he never knew how well they were doing; only how well they had done.  Performance was measured at the end of the quarter and even that took days to deliver.  The IT team was asked to solve the problem, to deliver up-to-date performance results to the CEO's PC. 

The Challenge

The company had grown through acquisition.  The information the CEO wanted was spread across eight separate systems whose different schemas and interfaces presented a decidedly non-trivial challenge.

The ReFrame Single-Server Solution

Three members of the IT staff spent two hours training on ReFrame one morning.  They developed and deployed a working solution early the next day!  The project had been budgeted for 40 work days using Java.

The solution used ReFrame's adapters and a single server running ReFrame to interact with the eight existing systems.  A ReFrame form was created and deployed to provide a real-time display of the data.

ReFrame provides the user interface, processing logic, and interconnection between itself and the eight separate IT systems.

Accommodate Change - Fast, Easy, Safe

Should the company acquire yet another firm, its IT infrastructure can be incorporated via ReFrame Adapters.  If traffic overtaxes the server running ReFrame, the application can be distributed across multiple servers in a ReFrame Application Service Grid, even while running!

Additional applications can be added to the ReFrame Application Service Grid and existing ones modified in response to changing business needs.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.



"ReFrame is limited only by the ways you wish to use it."

Senior IT consultant

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