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Object Services

Part of the ReFrame Application Service Grid

ReFrame's Object Services brings the next level of power and flexibility to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  It enables services as small as a single business rule, or as large as the most sophisticated system, to communicate and interact with each other, and with legacy applications and services, on the ReFrame Application Service Grid.

Object Services Benefits

Any ReFrame object, no matter how small or simple, can provide services.  This technology advance allows services with very fine granularity and flexibility.  The finer granularity produces services whose programming is smaller, more easily understood, debugged, and modified to meet changing needs.

Business processes can be created from Object Services, each one as small, or as large, as needed.  Existing Object Services can easily, quickly, and safely, be split, combined, or have their operation changed.

ObjectServices can be completely self-contained or part of a larger system.  They are directly available to other ReFrame objects and through ReFrame Adapters to existing applications operating in a Service Oriented Architecture or stand-alone.

ObjectServices receive messages from other objects or external applications and produce one or more messages in response.  The response can be the result of calculation, decision making based on internal rules, or simple notification.  ReFrame ObjectServices can also initiate messages based on their internal business rules.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.

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