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Application Service Grid

Inherently Scalable, Distributable, Evolve-able

The ReFrame Application Service Grid is an fundamental advance in being able to distribute, scale, and evolve enterprise systems and applications.  Applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid are  inherently distributable, scalable and extraordinarily changeable.

Applications are composed of ReFrame Objects that contain data and/or business rules.   Any ReFrame Object, no matter how small or simple, can provide services.  This fine granularity produces Object Services whose programming is small, easily understood, debugged, and modified to meet changing needs.

ReFrame Objects discover each other using Zero Configuration Networking and communicate with each over the ReFrame Application Service Grid.


Applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid are inherently distributable.  An application, which is composed of ReFrame Objects, can be spread over as many computers as desired within a ReFrame Application Service Grid.  It can start out on a single computer and be distributed over time to accommodate the business.   Distribution allows improved reliability and robustness and localization of processing to regional offices or departments.


ReFrame applications scale as easily as they distribute.  An application might initially run on one user's computer for personal use.  ReFrame's use of Zero Configuration Networking allows the application can be moved to a shared computer so it can serve a wider audience.  As traffic grows that computer can be swapped out to a more powerful one without disrupting operations. 


Accommodating change is one of the biggest, and most persistent, challenges faced by any enterprise.  ReFrame's basic nature is to enable change.  Their very granular nature makes ReFrame's Object Services extremely understandable and thus easily modified.  The ReFrame Exception Engine makes change virtually risk free - it captures exceptions and allows them to be corrected and proceed through the system.  The ReFrame Exception Engine also speeds development by reducing the time spent planning for and addressing possible exception cases.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.

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