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Exception Handler
LiveObject Technology
Message-Based Architecture
Object Services
Application Service Grid

The ReFrame Application Service Grid

The ReFrame Application Service Grid is an important advance in meeting the needs of businesses that need to distribute, scale, and evolve their systems and applications.  Applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid are  inherently distributable, scalable and extraordinarily changeable.

The Core Architecture

ReFrame's ActivArchitecture consists of the following four key technologies:

  • LiveObject Technology - allows any data element or group of elements to have agency, the ability to calculate, act independently, and to communicate with other applications or with the people running the business.
  • ObjectServices - any ReFrame Object can act as a service - a provider of software functionality to other objects or systems
  • Exception Handler - exceptions that occur, even unanticipated ones, generally do not affect normal operation. Exceptions are sent to the Exception Handler from where they can be retrieved, examined and resolved manually or automatically. 
  • Message-based Architecture - ReFrame Objects communicate with each other, both within a single machine and among machines, by sending and receiving messages.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.


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